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I met you and you like andrew are like one of the nices ppl ever!!!


your dog looks like my cat only in dog form.
i miss my cat and i miss my family, too.
ok bye.


it's not that cold in worcester.
about an hour north of there it's 45.
hehe, where i live.


I love your dog and I love that you updated again so soon <3


well you guys will be in rochester, ny tomorrow and although it probably is going to seem cold to you, it's actually about 20 degrees warmer than it was the other day! lucky you guys! see you tomorrow


That was an amazing concert. And I bet you miss your dog... I would miss mine!


thanks for updating so soon!! i saw you on the 16th at the riv theatre and i cant wait to see you at the house of blues on march 6th!! oh and your dog bears a scary resemblance to mine..except mines probably like 50 pounds more overweight. love, alex


oh! im so sorry i mistook you for someone else.. sooo sorry!! but still.. sweet dog. =) <3


Nice pup, Casper! Looks like he's missing you too. Keep thinking warm weather, it's almost spring...


I saw the Worchester show, it was amazing. My friend and I had kinda bad seats, but we stood on top of each other to see!


Im so sorry you have to deal with this crappy cold...(exactly why Im headed to CA asap:-) but hey, its almost spring so then perhaps the East Coast will be a bit more forgiving. Because we love you, and though I didnt have the chance to tell you so at the Pallidium, you guys did an awesome job. You and your family at home should be proud of all you do! Have fun at the upcoming dates, well miss you on the ECoast!


Omg you guys should try living in Canada, try that for cold it's a stinker :( still waiting for you guys to come here, let's say Manitoba?? We would love it! Cute dog too, I just got a puppy! :)

Nicole L.

we loved you over here in worcester, that should make you a little warmer right?
please come back. it will be warmer soon, i promise!
<3 NiKol

steph k

i love your dog. see you in april!!

Allison F

That certainly made me smile, and that's one of the best things in cold weather :)

Home is always special. Sometimes it's taken for granted, but it's always "where the heart is". ;)

Allison F

Just thought I'd tell you: I had to walk four blocks in two degree weather Saturday, and I thought of you and your dog. Between that and my hot chocolate, I did indeed warm up a little. ;) Just a few more days to go before you get home I do believe. :)


haha oh Worcester that was a grrreat show. Massachusetts sucks, believe me I live here. You are the man casper. Take care!


casper you are awesome!!!!!


Casper- you're living the dream, and I am incredibly jealous.
It seems like the only thing in the world that makes me truly happy is music and I someday hope to work for a record company just like you.
But may I ask you a question? How did you do it? Fall into this amazing dream and wake up touring the country with an amazing band, be it Jack's Mannequin or otherwise.
I would be nice to have a person who's done it instead of all of my peers and counselors saying "go to college and accept the first job they offer you"
Thanks a bunch.


Awh your dogs so cute, sorry you missed important days with your family. I was at the Electric Factory show, it was amazing. Thanks


haha i was @ worcester...
it was actually nice that day i didn't need a jacket, so not TOO cold


interested in a private show. couldn't find a "contact us" link. i'd appreciate it if you'd get back to me. peace.



cutiepants! =)
your so lucky to be with jack's on the road i would give anything to do that.
but im sure its really rough and tiring!
take care


your dog is badass

marissa m

im getting a pug.
i like your dog its cute.

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