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Casper, you are amazing at your job and everyone knows that. You do so much for us and we rly love you for it, so thank you and keep it up.
<3 Jessica


I have seen you grow into this job in the past year and a half or so, and have really grown to appreciate all the work you do. You do a lot for Andrew, and just as much for the fans, and it definitely doesn't go unnoticed. Thanks for everything at Sunday's show, and I hope to see you again really soon!


deb martin

there may be others more "qualified" than you but i bet it'd be hard to find even one with as much heart. being a graduate of the school of hard knocks myself, i am highly qualified to tell you this. all the talent in the world is wasted without opportunity, and opportunity without talent is just wasted time. you have been able to put together something very creative, and whatever you feel you might lack in experience you surely make up for with intiative. it's great to be humble, but don't ever sell yourself short, because while you might have gotten where you are now with many helping hands, you definately made it there on your own two feet! sorry i have not written to thank you for all you did for michael at the houston show, but he has already been back to the hospital twice since then and the days sometimes run together. i am very glad to have met you, and wanted you to know how much your efforts are appreciated. hope you did not mind, but i referred my nephew to you at the austin show - i told him just look for a guy running around real busy that looks like teddy ruxpin. i hope he did not bombard you with screaming college girls looking for andrew, because he promised he wouldn't. (btw, your boss recommended you to me highly, so it seems you're "filling the shoes" nicely). i always look forward to your blog entries, so try and remember to write more often. i'm writing an article for the hospital quarterly about the concert and michael's experience, and don't be surprised if you're featured into it promimently. take care, and lots of hugs from houston.

deb martin

Leah B.

As of late you haven't let me down and for that, I'd say you're doing a pretty damned good job. I've seen-more than a few times- how crazy your job can get and I appreciate the fact that you still take the time to be a friend.. more than you know.

I realize I've said it a million times, but thanks for everything, so much :)


Casperrr, you're amazing at what you do.
I don't think I'd want anyone else to be doing it, whether you think there are more qualified people.
I'm convinced that there aren't.
So thank you for everything that you do.

Have fun finishing up the tour!


We wouldn't love anyone as much as we love you, Casp. It just wouldn't be possible. You're the best at what you do, no one could do it better.

homedawgz :P <3


i'm so proud of you for doing what you love to do! it's all about following your heart and you obviously have :) that's awesome that you're now exploring the world now with your job! i know i love going on vacation to new places and sometimes not knowing an area is amazing because you can find out so much about it. i say exploring the world is far better than just reading about them and learning about places in history books. and kind of how you thank arvis, i know i can't thank you enough for, in a sense, giving me the opportunity to have the job i've got now :) i love being the austin fmr and representing the label! i think a good majority of landing it is because of the JM Messengers and you sending me all of those posters for sxsw. so yeah, if i haven't already thanked you and the guys for inspiring me with such amazing music, here i am thanking again lol. i feel it's always good to give thanks where thanks is due. anyway, keep on having a blast (while working hard...and i'm pretty sure i can speak for everyone when i say "we" appreciate it cuz every show runs smoothly even when pianos mess up! lol) on the road and come back to texas soon!!! i know some of my friends went from liking JM to LOVING them after their austin show ;) LaTeR! amanda


Casper, you rock and I think you're great.
I'm pretty sure no one is as qualified for this job as you are. You're just so great at it. Next time you come to Texas, I'm bringing you some taco bueno and/or taco cabana because you've earned it a million times over.


michael walker

one day i hope to be a tour manager
and be half as cool as you


i told you youd be good at it too
huh. look, you are.
yeah, its not jm without casper.




Ahhhh. Casper. We love you.
You do a great job at what you do


Casper you are doing such an amazing job! I can't imagine going to a JM show and not seeing you there working diligently. I remember first meeting you when you where in starting out at warped tour in chicago. You were so nice to my friends and I and you have continued to take care of us at all of the JM shows we go to. I just want you to know how much I appriciate it! What you are doing with your career is something that I would someday love to do; your an inspiration. Keep up the good work and hopefully see you soon in Chi-town or the surrounding areas!
:) meghan
p.s. I was so upset that I couldn't make it to the secret show on tuesday-hope it was awesome


Casper, you're too humble - to me, you started out as "that guy who runs the Messengers" and now you're an amazing tour manager for Jack's who happens to be a really great guy :)


yeah casp, you pretty much rule at your job. really. without you nothing will be in order. haha. seeee you in november wooo.


have you seen my stapler?

Nicole Meljanac

Seriously Casper, you are doing a wonderful job and you deserve every bit of happiness.


Hey Casper,
I just want to say that I think you do an AMAZING JOB. I was at the Rhode Island show and i saw you running around before the show, throughout the show, and after the show. By the way NICE VESPAS. haha. But really it's impressive how much work you manage to do.


casper.. dudee.. you rock =] .. you do an awesome job... and i think if it weren't for andrew, i'd be madly in love with you.. haha. jk. but for real.. you're the coolest.. you're so down to earth.. n yeah.. just awesome.. so keep rocking! i miss seeing youuu all the time.. haha.. i'll be there for panic! though! ... take care on the road...

marisa b

I can't than you enough for doing everything you do you're the best! Thanks for always pulling through :)


Casper, you're awesome. I've only talked to you very briefly a couple of times but I've seen what you do and I am so grateful for all the stress you go through in order to bring these awesome guys to us all. I'm thinking about working in the music industry and I only hope I can be half as awesome as you. Thanks dude :)

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