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August 01, 2005



good luck on wednesday, i know you'll make it through this. you're in my prayers every day and i cannot begin to tell you how happy i am that you're getting better.

Kristyn Mack

Live your dream and let reality sleep Andrew. All the best with your transplant and take care. All of us have you in our hearts and prayers.



I wish you the best on Wednesday. You've been in my prayers. So excited for the video and the record to come out!


Andrew, I wish you all of the best this upcoming Wednesday. It's so great to hear you speak so passionately about this much anticipated album. You always put your heart and soul into every record and as a long time fan it's great to hear that you still do. I'm glad that you are continually getting better and keep your hopes up high. It's incredible what your work has done to us fans and I thank you so much for what you do. You'll continue to be in our prayers!!!
love always, maria


andrew, I'm sure as heck that you get this a lot, but you are my hero. I've come across my share of boulders in the road, but you really help me to understand that my problems aren't the only problems in the world. it touches me when I see how many of your fans have gotten together to help you out and to make you feel better. I know I've tried to put in my time. I guess what I'm trying to say is that these past few months have gained you so much respect from me and others. this record and your music holds us all together and I cannot wait for its release. so thank you for everything you've ever done. and good luck wednesday. as always, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


Andrew, you have such a poetic way of speaking and such a positive outlook on things. Good luck with your bone marrow transplant, it'll be great to finally put this all behind you. I can't wait for the record to come out, I've already preordered it..It's gonna be great!

Love always,


ok ok i know that i just posted a minute ago but i'm just so excited about everything that is going on. your music means so so so much to me and has helped me get through so much crap in my life. it really is truly amazing the gift you have and how you use it. I've never really had a connection this strong to music before and witnessed others do so also. Good luck with everything, you deserve it. You've really become a hero and role model to so many people.


(1) if its about giving and taking and giving back, thanks for giving. and im taking what youre giving and hopefully giving back in any way that i can. the best that i can.

(2) good luck. in everything. in this month. i think its gonna be good as well.

(3) i like bonus material.

Allison K.

well andrew, i am definitely praying for you. you are so strong and i am so glad that you are getting a bone marrow transplant. ur gonna be just fine. i'm so happy. and you are so wise for one so young. just incredible. please know that my thoughts are with you through this last leg in your treatment. i can't wait for the album and for your clean bill of health :) you don't know how much your music means to me. get well SOON and stay strong...we all love you

allison k


You amaze me in so many ways. I look forward to that continuing...


Best of luck on Wednesday Andrew. I am not sure what goes into a transplant, but you'll be in my prayers.
This month will be a good month. I can feel it too.

Many wishes


Andrew, you are sooo amazing i can't even describe it. i was at warped tour yesterday and there was so much love at the jack's mannequin booth. just hours ago my sister and i were talking about how stoked we are to hear the album--to listen to the story in its true context. the best of luck in coming weeks! we all love you and can't wait for the album or for you to be well again.
lots of love


I hope this surgery will be the cure. Your so amazing. I agree life does give & take and it goes back & forth but it all ends up okay in the end. I cant wait for the album to come out!thanks for making such awesome music!

judy and megan

Andrew, we only hope one day we can give you as much as you have given us. You are such an inspiration and we know following Wednesday, thing's will just get better and better. You (through your music and messages) have given us so many good days and we're gonna send some your way. We wish you the best, and we'll always be your steady fans.
Judy and Megan


you know why august is going to be good? because my birthdays in 2 weeks.

and because you are going to be all better once again

and because this album is going to be in my ipod in 22 more days.

good luck with the transplant. i know everything is going to go great. thanks for being so strong.

youre the best. no really, i mean that.


andrew your music has changed my life for the better. you're my super hero. keep it real, and i'm so positive that you're going to be cured.


Good luck with everything this month. I trust the transplant will go extremely well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kyle Gruskovak

Well all i can say from hearing how this CD was made and listening to it at the warped tour I am in such an honor to be reading and going to be listening to one best cd in the world and hope the bone marrow transplant goes perfect with i just know it will for you. SEEyah you later and prying every min seeyah Kyle


Andrew, you are amazing! Hang in there. Your music means sooooo much to me, and I know that you will come out of this healthy and a billion times stronger!


andrew, I am really glad you are in good spirits and good luck with everything..

p.s I hope your right about august being a good month..


I wish you luck, but it's only as an extra gesture. With as positive as you have been, it is contagious enough for the rest of us to be positive as well. You are a strong soul and I know you'll be okay. It's a tough process, so for that I wish you the best and you'll remain in my thoughts, but I know that in the end you will be just as amazing as you have always been and give us all another reason to admire you.

Take care, we all love you. You know that, but there's no harm in hearing it again.

||: <3 :||


stay strong andrew
you'll be great!

11:11 wishes
<3 erin


Wow your such a good writer! you almost made me cry. (almost being the keyword)

Good luck with everything!
<3 Lauren


Good luck in Wednesday! Well basically good luck with everything this month. I can't wait for the cd and to see the Mixed Tape video next week.



My best wishes to you with the transplant...We are just as confident as you are, and I can't wait until all this is through. I can't even tell you how excited I am for Everything In Transit, and I am amazed at how much incredible music you share with us.
You're so strong...
It IS going to be a good month.

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